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Local MP Opens New Facilities at Copley Academy

Students at Copley Academy will be able to develop their focus on the importance of a healthy and varied diet and how this can be achieved whilst producing tasty and interesting meals and snacks. Basic nutrition; hygiene and safety; weighing and measuring are incorporated into every lesson to ensure confidence when preparing food from recipes. As pupils progress through the school they will plan and prepare increasingly challenging products, further developing their understanding of the links between science and food; nutrition and the functions of ingredients.


The new suite was officially opened by Labour MP Jonathon Reynolds.


He said “It was an absolute privilege to open the new food technology suite at Copley Academy. I was impressed by the new custom-built facilities and by the students I met. It was also great to catch up with school leaders about the overall actions being taken to improve school performance. There is now a new permanent head teacher in place at the academy alongside a new leadership at Great Academies Education Trust, so the future looks bright. The school has improved numbers for next year, which indicates a return of parental confidence”


Copley Academy principal, Ruth Craven, committed to providing the pupils with the new suite when she joined the school in June. She said "I am really excited to see students engaging in their practical food technology lessons, utilising this fantastic resource, and becoming master chefs of the future!"

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