Silver Springs students go on Google Expedition


On Friday 2nd December, Key Stage 2 children at Silver Springs Academy were given the chance to explore far off lands such as the desert, the Amazon rainforest, the depths of the ocean and even the surface of the moon, all without leaving the classroom.

They were able to do this thanks to a visit from Google, who brought with them a beta version of their new virtual reality app, Google Expedition for the children to try. This new learning app has recently beenPB2_7390 brought over to the UK after being developed in the US, and Silver Springs are among the first schools to get to try it out.

The kids have recently been learning about Africa and Atlantis, so being able to visit these places via cutting edge immersive technology is certainly beneficial to their learning.  And judging by the excited reactions of some of the children, it’s a lot of fun too!

Over the coming months, Google will be travelling up and down the country and showcasing the Expedition app, showing teachers and students how it can be used as an interactive learning tool.